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E-MAP - User manual

Select your main active Global Navigation Satellite System GNSS object from the list of available devices in Devices block. Its data will be regularly displayed on the Telemetric Info block.

Real-time positions of all available and selected GNSS telematic devices are shown on the map, if they have been active during the chosen past period set by parameter Show data for last 24 hours to 1 minute. Data liveliness indicator decreases wihith the age of last received measurement. Data from the previous day and older are available in the device calendar archive .
You can enable or disable displaying the individual measurement points on the map.

Depending on your needs you can drag and center map to another geographic location, zoom in [+] or zoom out [-], change its view to Map, Satellite etc. Please try the GoogleMaps Street View by dragging and dropping the yellow silhouette from the upper left corner to desirable place in map.

Besides now there is additional useful information available for our users such as real time marine and flight radar data as well as meteorological info and broadcast all centered to the main selected observational object.

Novero.LV is supporting many models of GPS trackers availabe on market, including freeware and shareware mobile phone applications. You can add your tracker to the Novero.LV system by following the 3 simple steps pressing on button Add new GNNS / GPS device. Any time later all entered GNSS tracker system parameters are changeable by device owner or managers in the corresponding device configuration section . Note that users with observer rights can not see or change the device configuration parameters.

* Note * This User manual can be switched off or on, editing your user profile subsection Block configuration.